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Parents are…

by August 31, 2011 » Add the first comment.
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Parents are… loving forgiving examples worship-leaders sacrifice-makers imperfect teachers providers leaders discipliners (not officially a word, but disciplinarian sounds like librarian) memory-creators explainers (If I had a dollar for every time my 3 year old ask “Why?” or said “Tell me all about it”) laundry machines expert lunch makers storytellers chauffeurs advisers boo-boo fixers […] Read more »

Funny Things Kids Say about God

by January 17, 2011 » Add more comments.

The other day, my 3 yr old son was riding in the car with my wife and his grandmother. His grandmother was praying out loud about a few things. From the backseat he asked, “Why you say that?” She told him she had a few things on her heart. Then, she asked him if he […] Read more »