Impact of Family Meals

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Are family meals a priority at your house? There are some practical reasons like the fact that you will probably eat healthier when your family eats at home together, but there are some bigger, better reasons to make sure your family is eating around the table together…regularly. Here are a couple of ideas to think about when it comes to family meals…

“Fact: when families eat dinner together, kids are less likely to drink, smoke, use drugs, have an eating disorder, get depressed, consider suicide, fail at school, or have sex.” – Nancy Gibbs, The Magic of the Family Meal

“Parents may be undervaluing themselves when they conclude that sending kids off to every conceivable extracurricular activity is a better use of time than an hour spent around a table, just talking to Mom and Dad.” – Miriam Weinstein, Time Magazine

Family Meals are important. They increase your influence on your kids’ lives. Let’s all work to make family meals a priority in our families.

What traditions, habits, or ideas does your family use for family meals?

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