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By now, you have picked up on the importance of the family. Not only from us, but from the pages of Scripture. God created two institutions here on earth to proclaim His name and tell of His story. The Family and the Church. Your family, in essence, is a little church.

The goal of the Church (See “The Church” in the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message) is to worship God, know and love His Word, and extend the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Guess what?…this is true in our families as well. Our families should be the place where our kids first learn about God, His Word, how & why we worship, and the place where they hear and see the Gospel constantly and consistently. It is also a great environment to learn about service. It’s really the place where we first learn about a lifestyle of worship.

What does your “little church” do together to focus on God throughout the week? Do you have family worship? What service/mission projects has your family been a part of? Let’s hear some cool stories…

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Lisa Latham
May 19, 2011
9:00 am

Our family attended a life-changing family camp weekend five years ago. We spent a lot of time talking about family worship. We made a commitment to have our worship time at a time when we were already together- the dinner table. One of the best suggestions we had was to let our preschooler participate by giving her a pen and paper and let her draw what she heard as the Bible story was read. Even if she couldn’t sit still and listen, she had a job, which made it easier on everybody. Other ideas include doing participatory devotion times. My kids still talk about the time we washed each other’s feet in the den! As the kids have gotten older, it has become even more challenging, but making time for family worship is so important!! And we love service projects at our house. As we have made the shift from thinking all our time should be spent on pleasure to understanding our time is not our own, we have had many fun moments serving together as a family. One fun thing we did several years back was to take a certain sum of money and go to Wal-mart and wait for God to show us what to do with it. We got so much joy out of paying for someone’s groceries without her knowing who did it! There are opportunities around us every day if we watch for them!

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