The Steeple

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We started something new this year at church in our kids’ worship services called “The Question of the Day”. Kids submit questions they have about God, the Bible, or church and we try to answer one a week. Recently I had a question from one of our kids that asked this, “What is the steepel […] Read more »

Dazzled by God

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I recently read several quotes from Les Miserables, which is currently out in theatres and winner of several awards. My daughter said after seeing it that “they sing everything!” I don’t think she was totally impressed. While I haven’t seen the production, the quote from Victor Hugo that really struck me was “He did […] Read more »


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We are now a week into the New Year and resolutions have been made and broken already. Yes, I am a resolution maker. There’s nothing like a fresh new year stretching out before you and the possibilities it brings. I love sitting down with a fresh notebook and praying and dreaming a little about what […] Read more »


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In one of my end of the year retrospective moments, I downloaded a series of reflective questions from a blogger I follow. You know the kind. What was the best thing that happened, what was the worst? What was your greatest joy, what was your greatest obstacle? I took some quiet moments and answered the […] Read more »

New Year, New Family

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It’s that time again. It’s the beginning of January. As we all get back into the routine after a holiday season that flew by, everyone is thinking about a brand new year. I’ve seen it said multiple places that the typical new year’s resolutions don’t last more than a month. Maybe it’s about diet, or […] Read more »

Roadtrips, Dreams and Sacrifice….

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I had the chance to get away with my teenage daughter a couple of weeks ago. We took a road trip to Nashville just the two of us. I highly recommend getting away with your daughter by yourself! We had the chance to just hang together, listen to music, and watch hotel tv. Conversation is […] Read more »

A Mom’s View From The Stands….

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Over the course of my two children’s sporting careers, I have sat through the following: For My Daughter…. A 4-year old soccer team where my daughter compared her princess panties to those of her friends while skipping down the field 5 years of basketball where she went from a bow-head to a […] Read more »

Soul Music

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Music is a big part of our lives. Most of us have those songs that trigger memories of a certain event or place from the past. All the emotion and memories come flooding back. The words, the melody, the beat just connect deep down with us. I don’t think you have to be incredibly gifted […] Read more »

GPS, Subway Maps and Faith….

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It’s been a summer of traveling with each of my children separately to various places. My son and I went to Virginia to see my sister and her family. I took my daughter and a friend to Atlanta to attend “the” concert of the summer, complete with stalking the band members. Well stalking may be […] Read more »

Prayer Wall

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My family was at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago for a 4 yr-old superhero. We had a great time and the mom and dad did a wonderful job of planning an exciting party for the kids. There were obstacles and missions for the kids to attempt. Each kid even had their picture […] Read more »