Creating an Experience

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Our strongest memories come from vibrant experiences. We remember things because of what we experience – how something smelled, what it felt like, what we were doing. Experience is the best teacher, right? The reason things stick with us are because they were part of an experience. Our emotions, feelings, senses were all involved. Have […] Read more »

When We Can’t Fix it…..

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There comes a time in the parenting journey, where you can’t put a band-aid on your kids’ boo boo and make it all better. You want to. You wish you could. And you can’t. You think back to when all you had to do was  hold your child, tell them it would be o.k. and […] Read more »

Easter 365

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This weekend is Easter. You might be busy shopping for Easter clothes for the kids or making plans for a big meal on Sunday afternoon. Some people may even be trying to decide which church to attend this Sunday. There will be more people in church this weekend than any other time during the year, […] Read more »


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It’s a hot topic in the parenting world. Should you spank? Should we use a wooden spoon? Put ’em in time out? Take away privileges? Loss of activities? Whatever your method of discipline is, I imagine that it happens out of anger or frustration a lot of the time. I know it does with me. […] Read more »

kNOw More Orphans

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…kNOw more about orphans. The kNOw More Orphans Conference is this weekend. We are very excited to be hosting this event to raise awareness of orphans world-wide. For more info on this conference, click HERE. “The Church has always been God’s plan for building his kingdom, and this includes securing justice for the poor and […] Read more »


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My kids recently attended our church’s disciple now weekend where the theme was Abandon. While I try to let the events of the weekend unfold over time, I do like to ask them for one spiritual takeaway from the weekend. I like to think that they can put into words one thing that they learned […] Read more »

What’s wrong with Self-Esteem?

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So, what is wrong with self-esteem? I think it starts with the word itself. Self-esteem, according to the dictionary means: “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.” Some of the synonyms listed are ego, pride, pridefulness, self-regard. Event the word starts with “self”. The very idea, the very essence of the term “self-esteem” resonates with pride. […] Read more »

A New Thing…..

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My daughter made her first big decision recently that went against our advice. It was not a disobedient decision, just a different one than we had wanted her to make. While we have raised her to make her own decisions, this first one without us was tough. I cried, ranted and raved. Literally. Ask my […] Read more »

A Parent’s Real Mission

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Some think it might be provision. Some say love. Some might even mention protection. We spent several weeks with the kids at church talking about authority. As we looked at the importance of obeying our parents, something new and fresh came to mind as I looked through the pages of Scripture that talk about the […] Read more »

The Watering Can

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As my children have reached their teen years and my daughter gets closer to leaving the nest, I feel a surge of panic thinking I haven’t taught her everything I need to. Have I done enough? Have I taught her the things that are important? Have we raised her to love God above all else? […] Read more »