The Model

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I loved model cars as a kid. I don’t know if it was the process of building something, the dream of driving the real version one day or just the ever-present obsession that boys have with things that have wheels. Our kids need good models of what they should be like. And it needs to […] Read more »

Know who makes and Impact

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We know there are lots of influences speaking into the lives of our kids. From friends and culture, to coaches and teachers, there are numerous influences speaking to and reaching our kids every day. In one of our previous posts (5 Things Every Kid Needs) I mentioned that kids need other voices in their lives […] Read more »

Family Worship?

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So I am researching the history and traditions associated with Family Worship. I’d love to hear about how your family does “family worship”. If you have a moment, share what your family worship time looks like…what elements do you include (Scripture, music, memorization, prayer, etc.) You can leave your ideas in the comments or email […] Read more »

Quality AND Quantity

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What do you think? Is is better to have quantity time with your kids or quality? I imagine that your initial reaction to this question lands on one side or the other. I want to argue that the answer is found when we realize that the question is flawed. It should not be an either/or […] Read more »


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As someone who enjoys photography, contrast is an important element of a photograph. Contrast helps things stand out, look crisp, and to some extent…pop. Over the coming weeks we have a great opportunity (actually multiple opportunities) to add some contrast to our families. Within the next month and a half, our families will move through […] Read more »

Impact of Family Meals

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Are family meals a priority at your house? There are some practical reasons like the fact that you will probably eat healthier when your family eats at home together, but there are some bigger, better reasons to make sure your family is eating around the table together…regularly. Here are a couple of ideas to think […] Read more »

More than just Stories…

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I just returned from a mission trip to Senegal, West Africa. It was my first international trip and I can honestly say it was life-changing. This image is of some of the kids we met in Senegal. One of the greatest memories of the trip was a morning where we visited some of the family […] Read more »

The Notecards

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Now that my kids are older and we are all running in different directions it is difficult to find time to sit down and have a devotional or family prayer time together each day.  Mornings are crazy at my house with everyone up and out the door at a variety of times. We eat dinner […] Read more »

If You Want to Drive Your Kids Away…

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Obviously no one want to drive their kids away and intentionally cause problems with your relationship with them, but this is a great post on issues and behaviors that drive kids away from their parents… How to Drive Your Kids Away * * This link is to a blog post by Reggie Joiner on Orange […] Read more »

Who’s Winning?

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Here is something to keep in mind… There is a battle raging for the souls of your kids. No matter how old your kids are, the secular culture (schools, TV, Friends, Internet, etc.) immerse them with a particular worldview and moral perspective. We are called and challenged to counteract this influence by teaching our kids […] Read more »