Praying for your Kids

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I’m writing this for me as much as for anyone else. I don’t mean bedtime prayers and prayers before a meal. Are we really praying for our kids? Everything else we do in parenting will be powerless without prayer. It’s a way for us to acknowledge that our God is in control of all things. […] Read more »

Make a Stand

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There is no middle ground. Our homes are either devoted to God or they are devoted to other things. Joshua challenged the people of Israel to make a decision by saying,  “choose this day whom you will serve…”. He also made a proclamation about his house. He told all of Israel where his house stood…”But […] Read more »

A Lost World

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“If we are going to disciple our children, we must not isolate them from the reality of a lost world.” This quote jumped off the page at me as I was reading through the book Intentional Parenting by Tad Thompson. In his discussion of family discipleship by design, he identified some very practical ideas of […] Read more »

What are you thinking?

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Here is a great practical idea to help your family focus on the things that matter… Give each member of your family a card or sticky note with Philippians 4:8 written on it. Then tell them to think about the place they spend the most time. (the car, the kitchen, their room, in front of […] Read more »

Sweet Sixteen

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The wipe-off board on my daughter’s door finally read “1 more day until my birthday.” She had had this countdown going from 157 days out. Each day she would wipe off the number and put the new number up. It was a day she had been waiting for anxiously and I had been dreading…..her 16th […] Read more »

Follow the Leader

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Have you ever tried to give directions to somewhere you’ve never been? Kinda hard, isn’t it? The same principle applies when we talk about teaching our kids about God and living a lifestyle of worship. Deuteronomy 6 challenges us to love God and His Word above all else and then teach our children to do […] Read more »

Little Church

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By now, you have picked up on the importance of the family. Not only from us, but from the pages of Scripture. God created two institutions here on earth to proclaim His name and tell of His story. The Family and the Church. Your family, in essence, is a little church. The goal of the […] Read more »

Sticks and Stones

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Do you remember that phrase? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Does anyone really believe that? You and I both know it’s not true. Words can hurt. The truth is, our words are powerful. God made us that way. (Remember it was His words that created everything we […] Read more »

Family Project – Disaster Relief

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There is so much to do in the wake of the devastating tornadoes from last week. One ministry that we have run across here in our area is specifically focused on kids. If you are looking for a project for your family where your kids can get involved to help the tornado victims, check out […] Read more »

Disaster Relief

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As our state continues reeling from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through countless communities last week, we want to provide some information about volunteer opportunities in and around our area. Some of our staff from our church took a truck load of food, water, and clothes to Pleasant Grove (a community in West Birmingham). The […] Read more »