Knowing About Jesus

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There is a huge, monumental, enormous, eternal difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. Sure we want our kids to know about Jesus. What is he like? What did he do? What words did he say? What miracles did he perform? Yes, we want our kids to know all of these things and more, […] Read more »

Theology by Tiki Light

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Parenting two teenagers lately has left me breathless and hanging on for dear life. I feel like the days I have left with them are slipping away quickly and there is still so much I want to tell them, show them and teach them. So for awhile at my house, everything they said or did […] Read more »

Are you ready for Easter?

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Easter is less then a week away and are we really ready? I don’t mean have we gotten our Easter baskets out, dyed our Easter eggs or shopped for a pretty dress. I mean have we really taken time to consider what Easter really means. Jesus was crucified on a cross for MY sins and […] Read more »


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I heard a comment on the morning news the other day about the state of New York talking about banning happy meals and other toy related fast food meals. The goal is an attempt to fight childhood obesity. One of the comments about the story caught my attention. This guy from Florida wrote in and […] Read more »

Based on a True Story…

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That statement adds something, doesn’t it? Somehow knowing that the story you are reading or watching is about an actual event adds a little bit more emotion or excitement. When that claim is not there, we realize that the story or plot was just the creative genius of the author or producer. There are millions […] Read more »

Kimyal people receive Bible in their language

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I recently watched a video about the Kimyal people of Indonesia receiving the New Testament in their language for the first time. Their raw emotion and unbridled joy at receiving the word of God was amazing to watch. They danced, sang, shouted and cried as the plane flying in their Bibles made its way down […] Read more »

40 vs. 3000

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If this was a fight, we know that 3000 would win. 3000 is better. I’d rather have 3000 peanut butter M&M’s than 40. I’m not talking about a battle or candy, but about time. More specifically…hours. Have you ever really sat down and thought about how many hours a year you have with your kids? […] Read more »

Spring Break and Letting Go

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My kids headed in different directions this year for spring break. My son went off with his church choir group to New Orleans on an annual mission trip. My daughter went on her first “spring break” to the beach with 9 of her closest friends and several trusted moms thrown in for good measure. While we unplugged last […] Read more »

Unplugged – The Day After

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My family and I unplugged last Saturday from cell phones, tvs, computers, facebook and twitter. Instead of spending time in separate rooms, we opted to spend the day together. I took it as a good sign when as both kids got up they wandered out on the deck where my husband and I were drinking […] Read more »


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Social Media is a big deal. From celebrities to athletes to politicians, social media is everywhere. Your kids, no matter their age, are probably somehow involved in it. The question is, how much do you know about it and how much are you involved when it comes to your kids and Social Media. We plan […] Read more »