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Hands Holding Speech Bubbles Social MediaInformation is everywhere and it comes at us in more ways than ever before. I’m reading an interesting book right now… 12 Huge Mistakes Parents can Avoid by Tim Elmore. One of the early thoughts in the book that jumped out at me was this…

“They (our kids) don’t need adults to get information… They don’t need us for information, but for interpretation… Our job isn’t to enable them to access data but to process data and form good decisions.”

Our kids are part of the first generation that doesn’t know what it’s like to be alive without the interwebs… also known as the “world wide web” or “interwebs”. The internet has been and will always be a big part of their lives. Information and data is all around them and accessible 24/7 online and through all the mobile devices they have access to. As Elmore points out, adults /parents are no longer the “brokers of data” but their role is now to help their kids interpret and process the information they receive.

This is scary, is it not? Another way to think about this is to say that we (parents) have very little control over what information our kids will come across and at what time. This is why parents need to be nosy. I don’t mean sneaking around and trying to catch them doing something bad – kind of nosy. What I mean is that parents need to know their kids inside and out… what’s happening in their lives, what they are hearing, what’s going on with their friends, and what information they are absorbing. If our new role as parents is to help interpret, process and apply information, then we need to know what information we need to help them process.

Yes, we need to help guard our kids and find ways that we can block bad information, but we also need to look for ways to filter the info that is getting through. This is where keeping our eyes and ears open for teachable moments comes into play… big time. In the car, around the dinner table, when their friends are around… we need to be paying attention to what information is coming through. These opportunities, when we are paying attention and alert, give us a chance to impress the Word of God on their hearts and help shape their worldview based on the truth of God. If we can help filter the information they see, hear and absorb through God’s Word, then they will begin to develop a biblical worldview that may just travel with them when they leave home. If we look for opportunities to to teach our kids to measure culture and information through a biblical lens, then they might just figure out how to do it themselves and own it as they begin their adult lives.

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