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From time to time, we have parents ask us about which Bible to get for their kids or students. Our pastor preaches from the ESV and we give our 1st graders their own ESV kids Bible each year. There are some great resources out there and some new additions to the market that are available for kids and students. Below are some pictures, links and information about Bibles that we recommend for different age groups…

For preschoolers and early elementary kids, the Jesus Storybook Bible is a great resource to use at home. There are a couple of versions out there and one even comes with some CD’s to use. Available online and at the HSBC Bookstore.















For elementary age kids, the ESV Seek and Find Bible is a great choice. This is the Bible we present to our new 1st graders and it has some great additional helps and info. It is also available online and at the HSBC Bookstore.
















Another great option for kids is The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments. It is available online here.












For older kids and preteens, the ESV GROW! Bible is a great option. Online and at the HSBC Bookstore.

















For students, the ESV is also available in the ESV Student Study Bible. Online and at the HSBC Bookstore.
















A new resource that has just been released is The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook. It is available online here and here. This Bible is based on the Gospel Project Curriculum for kids that we are using in our kids worship here at Hunter Street. Not only does it help kids see Christ in every event in Scripture, it is also connected with an app that makes it interactive and fun for kids and families. Check it out!















These are just a few recommendations of Bibles for different age groups. I hope they will be helpful to you and your family.

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